Teatre la Passió d'Olesa

With the largest scenic mouth of Europe, and one of the most stunning scenery in the country, The Passion of Olesa de Montserrat is distinguished by the grandeur of a show adapted to the most innovative theater technologies. Thus the weight of tradition is well represented, but with a comparable treatment to professional theatrical works that we usually see in the theaters of Catalan reference. The music of the show has been made expressly for this Passion, and performed by the Symphony Orchestra of Vallés directed by Salvador Brotons. The text, one of the safest bets in this work, is Joan Povill and Adserà, and is one of the most beautiful elements of the Catalan popular theater. The Generalitat of Catalonia honored in 2002 in the Passion of Olesa de Montserrat with the Cross of San Jordi, the first of all Passions to receive this honor.

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