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Parc de la Fontsanta

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The bridge at Carrer del Marquès de Monistrol, an elevated point in the middle of the park, constitutes an excellent viewpoint from which to observe the different sectors and the adaptation to a quite complicated relief. The vegetation is rich and diverse, with a great variety of species of trees and shrubs. The peculiar situation of the park (on a landfill in the process of stabilization) involves the existence of certain movements of land settlement. For this reason, terraces have been made with gables (stones inside a metal fabric cage, which are commonly used to protect the edges of the rivers), which are very suitable, in this case due to their great flexibility .
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Unique vegetation, sculpture, panoramic views, drinking water fountains, picnic area, skatepark, children's games, gymnastics, football goalkeepers, basketball baskets, bicycle parking, parking lot, dog area, restaurant, WC.

Inauguration: 1995
Surface area: 15.7 ha.

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Carrer Àngel Guimerà, 152
08970 Sant Joan Despí Barcelona
93 223 51 51

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