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Parc de la Solana

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The upper part of the wall, which follows the highway, has become a stroll, with good views over the river valley. The unevenness has been saved with cross-country paths that define the shape of the park and create spaces for stays at different heights. Upholstered areas of vegetation and arranged like stadium stands provide the set with an elegant chromatic game. In the central part there is a large stairway with three intermediate landings. The rest of the flat areas are smaller and are designed for the walk and rest. The resulting set is a range of spaces with very different uses, orientation and views.
Service information

Singular vegetation, panoramic view, drinking water fountains, children's games, soccer goalkeepers, basketball baskets, dogs area, parking lot.

Inauguration: 2005
Surface area: 2,5 ha.

Information of interest

Carrer Brasil, 25
08740 Sant Andreu de la Barca Barcelona
93 223 51 51

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