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Parc de Torreblanca

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Torreblanca is a historic park and the traces of its history are still largely identifiable by the curious walker. Some elements have arrived intact to us as living testimonies of a recent past; Others, reconverted to the requirements that a modern park must fulfill, allow us to identify the layout of the plots on which the vineyards, roses, fruit trees and orchards grow taller.

In the heart of the park, the magnificent romantic garden of the late nineteenth century introduces us to a world full of charm and mystery. Its fantasy design is based on the idea of ​​imitating the forms and elements of nature, with caves, islands, caves, lakes and waterfalls, surrounded by lush, diverse vegetation, in free growth, which makes This space in the part, undoubtedly, the most impressive of the Park. There are hidden corners for lovers of silence and stillness, where it is easy to forget the outside world and enjoy a nature created on a human scale.

In its surroundings, the modern park follows the traces of the old farm fields of the farm with a structure of great trapezis that surround the old gardens. Its conception is more functional in order to respond to the demands of current users. There are areas for games, sports activities, outdoor shows, bars, etc.

Inauguration: 2005
Surface: 9.6 ha.
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Historic-architectural park of interest, singular vegetation, historic garden, sculpture, lake, pond, panoramic view, drinking water fountains, children's games, gymnastic games, basketball baskets, parking lot, cafeteria, WC.

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CN-340, Parc Torreblanca
08980 Sant Feliu de Llobregat; Sant Joan Despí; Sant Just Desvern Barcelona
93 685 24 00

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