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Parc del Castell

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On the hill of the Castle, a type of agricultural landscape characteristic of the Mediterranean hills, modeled over the years (with dry stone walls, small bundles of crops and dryland trees) is still present, and today it has a landscaping and ornamental function of the first order The park fits in this framework, where nature and culture mix wisely, subtly, with discreet interventions, which only aim to make it more accessible and adequate for the walk and stay, the castle and its surroundings. Small brushstrokes of bold design, harmoniously fitted in a traditional structure that strengthens the character.
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Walking paths, lawn areas for drinking and drinking water fountains, unique vegetation, panoramic views as well as buildings of historical and archaeological interest near the park: the Wall, the Castle, the Church. The Guaita tower and the Masia de la Goma.

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Avinguda Manuel Girona, 63
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