Productes tradicionals

Pa de Pagès Català


The product protected by the Geographical Indication Protected Pa de Pagès Català is defined as a craft artisan bread, round, crunchy crust, tender spring and alveolate grain, where at least the format is done manually. They are used as ingredients: wheat flour, water, too much mother from previous fermentation also made within the authorized processing area, biological yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae L.) and common salt food use. The entire process is carried out within the authorized production area (the Autonomous Community of Catalonia) according to its traditional process, with slow fermentations, always cook the masses in refractory stove furnaces.

About 180 bakeries, with 525 points of sale, are registered at IGP Pa de Pagès Català. RIGHETTI FORNERS is the first and only bread oven in Gavà, which for all purposes has been integrated into the Regulatory Council of the IGP Pa de Pagès Català.

Information of interest

C. Cap de Creus, 30
08850 Gavà Barcelona

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