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In Viladecans the Style Outlets you have a restaurant with healthy and ecological cuisine with an attractive offer to make people venereal the most frugal ingredients and the most healthy cooking such as steaming, sautéing and charcoal.

At GreenVita, they are very careful of the ingredients that are part of their kitchen with the aim of making them good for the palate and for the body.

Route of ingredients Greenvita


  • Fruits: They come from sustainable agriculture and from local producers, and respect the point of maturity and season.
  • Vegetables: They come from sustainable agriculture and local producers, and respect the point of maturity and season.
  • Organic Quinoa: It is one of the most nutritious grains, and in Greenvita they offer three varieties from the cultivation of southern Bolivia: pearl, red and black.
  • Organic rice: Rice is a fundamental cereal in all healthy food, and in Greenvita you can taste rice of Asian origin, organic, black, venere and red.
  • Legumes: They are a source of vitamin B, fiber and iron. The letter includes black caviar or Asian lentil, with 20% more protein.
  • Organic and gluten-free pasta: Made with organic cereal flours (corn-gluten-free, kamut, and spelled.
  • Free range chicken: It comes from animals raised in the wild that are fed with corn grain and without antibiotics.
  • Fresh fish: Always seasonal. Stresses the salmon of southern Norway, which arrives in 24 hours in the restaurants of Greenvita with maximum freshness.
  • Organic beef: Ripollès beef. Fed 100% with grass and with a low fat level.
  • Bread: The Greenvita breads are sourdough, they are prepared in a completely manual way emphasizing the quality of the artisan processes.
  • Wine: The wine is from natural grapes of sustainable cultivation and without additives.
  • Drinks: Greenvita offers a beverage menu without chemicals, sugars or additives.

Information of interest

Local 201, Carretera de la Vila, 90
08840 Viladecans Barcelona
932 80 79 90
Opening times: 
Dilluns a Dijous de 13.00 a 16.00 Divendres i Dissabte de 13.00 a 16.00 i de 20:00 a 22:30 Diumenge de 13.00 a 16.00

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