Taula Casolana Bufet

93 771 42 47

Taula Casolana Buffet, very natural cuisine restaurant.

New concept of restoration of quality with the values ​​of the most traditional kitchen, where the respect for the product and the land prevail over everything. It is honesty, dedication and passion; it is proximity, seasonal product and above all fresh and natural. The pleasure of offering the best products at a really affordable price.

A varied buffet offers the section of salads, crudités and pickles fresher and natural that today can be found. The traditional casseroles with their excellent stews, could not miss; as well as the area of ​​meats, fish, side dishes and pasta. There is also an area of ​​sausages, cakes, empanadas and tortillas of the most popular and as a colophon, the dessert area delights us with seasonal fresh fruit, artisan pastry, yoghurts, cheese cottage with honey, rice pudding, flan .. Obviously, "Very homemade".

From the garden to the table. Every morning we collect the best products from the garden for you. Each substance that contains the food ends up in our cells, improving our health and even our mood. A healthy and conscious diet helps to build a healthy and conscious society. Every day there are more people who know and feel that there is a new way of living and feeding in harmony with the environment.

A privileged location. Ideal place, near the city, to enjoy the best cuisine with a quiet and very familiar atmosphere; with large landscaped spaces full of nature (within a land area of ​​100,000 m2 and with more than twenty varieties of medicinal herbs, centenary trees, etc.). During the week, work lunches find their best environment with a very attractive daily menu, both price and quality; and the weekend becomes the favorite place of many families who like to enjoy a really special Home Table.

Children. The little ones of the house will enjoy our playground, the large outdoor spaces to play and do activities.

Near Montserrat and Barcelona. We are inside the enclosure / Can Amat Espacios Masia, Baix Llobregat, very close to the Seat factory, between San Esteve Sesrovires and Martorell.

Information of interest

C. de Montnegre, s/n
08635 Sant Esteve Sesrovires Barcelona
93 771 42 47
Opening times: 
Dinar (migdia) - Tots els dies de 13 a 16h / Sopar (a partir del 1/6/2018) - Divendres i dissabtes de 20 a 24h
Diari (migdia) - Adults 13,50€* | Nens 8,50€* (de 3 a 10 anys)  Bufet Festius - Adults 20€* | Nens 10€* (de 3 a 10 anys)  Divendres i dissabtes Nits - Adults 20€* | Nens 10€* (de 3 a 10 anys)  *IVA inclòs |Beguda no inclosa Preu mig carta: Dilluns - Divendres (migdia) 15€ - Cap de Setmana, festius i nits 25€  

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