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Test your creative ability with this pottery workshop. It will be great fun to play with the turn and try different ways until reaching the final result. Are you ready to stain with mud and clay?
Pottery is one of the oldest trades in history. An office that has allowed the man to produce a large number of objects to be used in his daily life: from pots to cook such as pots or pans, to troughs or canteens for breeding animals.

We are a pottery workshop, with an experience in the sector of 30 years. The initiation workshop at the pottery lasts 1.5 hours.

A piece of clay is made to choose between several models, using the technique of the pinch, with an explanation of the history of the traditional pottery, as well as the technique to perform the piece.

Explanation of the decoration of the piece, using old techniques, such as engalbes and ceramic glazes.

The piece is decorated, it is finished and it is let dry.

This piece will be collected several days later, once cooked and finished.

Finally, attendees will try a ceramic lathe, doing a second piece with the help of the teacher.

* Materials and cooking are included in the price.

Other activities of our small workshop:

We make traditional pieces for the kitchen, table and decoration.
Pieces of the most modern styles and shapes.
We accept commissions of any color and style that our clients propose us.
We also complete full pottery courses with open enrollment all year round, for all ages.
We offer the possibility to take classes without the obligation to attend every month.
As a novelty, we celebrate anniversaries for children and adults. These parties consist of 2 hours of fun with the experience of trying the pottery.

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Carrer Barcelona , 63
08620 Sant Vicenç dels Horts Barcelona
931066682 / 600709155
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