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Pessebre Vivent de Corbera de Llobregat

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Live the Passion of your life

The Living Manger is the representation of the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, is a popular cultural manifestation that has become immaterial heritage, is a classic project of intergenerational participation, is a current reference of the long Catalan theater tradition that drinks the most genuine mysteries and forms from the medieval hagiographic theater of Catalonia.

More than 200 actors put on the skin of the characters of each nativity scene, in the incomparable setting of the natural landscape of the Penya del Corb.

The performances of our Living Nativity Scene take place during the months of December and January, coinciding with Christmas festivities.

It is one of the most important and visited living nativities in Catalonia.

In the audience, it is guided by a narrative by megaphony faithful to the evangelical text and enriched by comments in prose and popular poetry.

The old dream of being able to stroll through the manger of moss, between forests, rivers and living figures, surrounded by cliffs and deforested with shepherds and rabadans who sleep on their heads, becomes reality in Corbera de Llobregat.

Passages to remember

Come back to live the most emotional moments of one of the most important passages in our culture. To the Living Nativity of Corbera de Llobregat you can enjoy your scenes as if they were real.

The Annunciation, the shepherds with the flock, the Catalan farmhouse, the women washing, the haystack, the cave, the appearance of the Angel, the Kings of the Orient, the flight to Egypt, the forests, the river, the village of Nazareth with the market and craftsmen, the blacksmith working, the children making the coyote, ...

All of them will accompany you on a trip to antiquity, with a dramatic dramatic text, for a natural spot that the visitor can understand.

Enter into our traditional traditions, with more than 200 characters dressed according to the Hebrew and Catalan customs.

A popular party represented more than 1,600 times and has seen nearly one million viewers

Come to Corbera de Llobregat. Live the crib of your life.

A dream tour

He has been the Living Nativity Scene of Corbera de Llobregat, which has allowed the audience to move inside the streets, mixing with the living figures, to become a character of Christmas.

So great is the expectation among the public that year after year renovate and improve the scenes and representations.

In a circuit of about 700 meters, Christmas scenes are represented: the announcement of the Angel to the Virgin, the shepherds, the washers, the Birth of the Cave, the announcement of the Angel to the shepherds, the worship, the Kings, the flight to Egypt, the family life in Nazareth and typical Catalan scenes of farmhouses and neighborhoods where various trades work, Christmas carols are sung and the cider is crushed in front of the traditional manger of moss.

All the players collaborate in a disinterested way, sacrificing more than twenty nights per season, the coldest of the year, with a clear will: to make our friends visitors live a different Christmas.

Information of interest

Carrer del Canigó, 41
08757 Corbera de Llobregat Barcelona
93 688 10 89
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Actuacions a les 18h, 19h i 20h (consultar calendari)

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